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BPO solutions at Pannal help you streamline various organizational processes. We specialize in International Inbound and Outbound BPO services, Outbound BFSI (Domestic and International), IVR & Telecom services, Online & Offline BPO services, Back Office Services and various other support services. With more than 3.5 Lakh Square feet of furnished space in our inventory across India, we offer prime locations which are in close proximity to all the necessary facilities like Hospitals, Airport, Shopping Complex and Residential zones.

Moreover, with more than 30 year of experience as a BPO outsourcing firm and having various auxiliary incubation services as well, we provide a distinguished wealth generation proposition by positioning our clients on a platform which fulfils their Call Centre, back office, facility, people, compliances, IT needs through our services and allows out clients focus on their core business requirements. This organic relationship between PANNAL and our patrons allows for streamlining various BPO outsourcing services across different industries under one roof. Example of a few industries PANNAL has serviced are: BFSI, Telecom, Real estate, Logistics, and supply chain, Medical and healthcare, Energy and Utility, Automotive and Travel, Leisure & Hospitality.

Leveraging Our Platform – INFRA and Zero CAPEX

Worlds class IT Enabled Infrastructure across India

  • State of the art conference rooms and public lounges,
  • Current Capacity of over 4000 active workstations across India, with possible expansion to 10,000 on immediate basis,
  • 3.5 Lakh Sq ft. Of furnished space currently in inventory across India,
  • Prime locations with close proximity to healthcare facilities, helipad and airport, Shopping complex and residential zones,
  • Food courts,
  • Green spaces,
  • A grade-Telecom Neutral buildings.

ZERO Downtime, BPO setups are active and deployed without any CAPEX

  • Workstations, Private Cabins and Manager Desks,
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Meeting rooms equipped Audio Visual equipment,
  • Server support with Switch Ports, Cat 6 LAN networking,
  • Dedicated IT and Admin team,
  • In house recruitment team,
  • Dedicated server and UPS rooms with Access Controls,
  • MUX and for all major telecom companies which ensures high speed connectivity and services.

End-to-End Human Resource Solutions

  • Database of more than 1,00,000 candidates in Domestic BPO Processes.
  • 3500 active shortlisted candidates for Hindi/Bengali/Odia/ Assamese/Manipuri/Malayalam/English speaking domestic process,
  • Recruitment services with HR analytics,
  • Payroll administration,
  • Compensation Benefits,
  • Workforce management,
  • Learning, Training and performance management.

Managed Office Spaces & Coworking

We provide high quality and affordable office spaces that cater to businesses of all sizes, whether you are a freelancer, startup, SME or a larger organisation. Our vibrant spaces are designed to incubate a community of thinkers and innovators to achieve their goals and take their vision forward. Our technology-enabled workspace has distinct sections for solo founder/co-founders to big teams of 5 to 100 people.

Co-working Space Dehradun
Board Meeting room- 50 People
Break Up spaces
Large Corporate Space
Meeting room

Our Community of Resources

What truly makes Pannal unique is its growing community. With multiple networking events, break-out spaces and being part of our community, Connect with mentors, innovators, disruptors and like-minded people. We understand that starting a business can be intimidating, added with various challenges that can disrupt your workflow and peace. At Pannal, we leverage the benefits of working as part of a community where our members have access to a wide range of specialised professional services which are essential to growing a business.

Business Support & Mentorship

Our philosophy is to offer genuine and targeted help to help our members grow their businesses. Our management and mentorship network bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives, developed through years of experience in different industries and sectors. Therefore making Pannal an unique business unit of shared resources as an one-stop-shop model which allows our members to reduce their management gaps, optimise operational costs, scale with ease and gain efficiencies from standardisation.

Startup Incubator

We incubate aspiring founders and innovative startups working to solve a problem, from idea to MVP up until Series A. We join as non-controlling founders, providing execution capability and CXO support across business strategy, development, capital and scaling. Our goal is to identify undiscovered founder talent amongst student communities and young startup entrepreneurs. 

Pannal Startup Incubator logo


Business Support

(Startup Toolkit)

Startup School

Network &


Access to Capital

Our Community Members

Some of the companies we have worked with

Our Network

Alongside an in-house team of partners and associates, we work with an associate partner network of independent consultancy firms, law firms and professionals and pool in the best available team with expertise for the required subject matter in issue. Our goal is to create a strong associate partner network who are willing to offer genuine and targeted help to our members. Together with our senior partners and associate network, we bring a combined experience of 100+ years in management consultancy, with experience in global organizations and cross-border transactions.

Cadence Partners LLP
En Pointe Advisors
Law Office of Madhavan Srivatsan

Our Resource Partnerships

My Branch- Coworking
My HQ- Workspaces
Aaden Business Solutions- Aadenbiz.com
Qdesk Workspaces
Digital Marketing Agency- www.searchscope.in
Hubspot-Pannal partner

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