Ultimate Guide to Workspace Productivity-How to Ensure Maximum Productivity at Work?

If you are a startup owner, you would know how important it is for your employees to stay productive. Their productivity contributes to your business directly.

Likewise, if you are a freelancer, maintaining your productivity high holds the most importance.

“Productivity is never an accident; it's the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, & focused efforts”- Paul Meyer

Often times, the factors that hamper productivity are obvious - workplace distraction, while other times they might not be apparent. One such factor is the work environment. The place you work from is shown to have an impact on your mood, focus and productivity alike. Even factors that you might consider trivial, like temperature and light, influence your work directly. Therefore let us throw some light on this topic and understand how the environment can affect your productivity.

Work Environment and Productivity

recent study on workspace impact on mental and physical health describes how our mental health, productivity and overall well being is a consequence of our work environment.According to the same research findings, we spend nearly 33 % of conscience day time in office. Therefore, for a much evident reason, start-ups and business owners must take “work environment” into consideration and make well-informed decisions when it comes to narrowing down to an effective office space.

So, what is the solution then?

Well, selecting an apt office space is a decision that’s based on several factors including budget, team size, decent work environment, etc. That is why you should consider coworking spaces as they take all your hassle away and leave you with your productive hours.

But, before we draw any conclusion, let’s see what more factors affect employee productivity and how can coworking be a reliable and a considerable option.

How Do Coworking Spaces Supports Productivity?

Listed below are some ways coworking helps in enhancing employee productivity at work:

1. Flexibility

In the recent times, many Studies have found that 64% of the global business leaders assert that flexible working reflected a positive impact on productivity. This statistic confirms that in today’s workforce era, nothing attracts employees more than flexibility.

Being in charge of their time, employees feel empowered which results in higher productivity and job satisfaction. Apart from this, here is why employees are more productive with a flexible work environment:

(a) They work at a time they feel most productive at,

(b) They take regular intervals between work,

(c) They have the liberty to work from any place that promises productivity

At coworking spaces, you get the freedom to work at your own time and place. This ensures higher employee productivity at work and results in desirable outcomes.

2. Ambience

While correct lighting can lift your energy and productivity level, dim lights in the workspace can make you feel less motivated, drowsy and in turn exhaust the productivity.

Striking the right balance between artificial and natural lighting is the key. Additionally, having plants in and/or around your desk or workstation is a smart way to keep you refreshed.

Apart from the light and plants, a favourable environment makes you feel comfortable. People working from collaborative spaces feel the community vibe keeps them motivated.Therefore, this is another factor to consider when linking employee productivity to workspaces.

3. Break Out Spaces

Break out spaces and taking breaks in between work are essential, especially when you are working long hours. For the said reason, break out spaces in coworking help you keep up with the productivity.

When you don’t take a break, you end up being stressed out. Same goes with your employees, not only that it affects their health but affect the company also. Spaces like a garden, cafe, etc are ideal as they can take away the work-related stress and provide much-needed change.

4. Innovative Working Space

Every individual has their own preference when we talk about workspaces. However, it is no surprise that creative spaces bring out the best in you. While some like to work in complete silence, others appreciate music.

Having variety in spaces encourages people to work more enthusiastically; that is when hot desks, meeting rooms and private cubicles serve their purpose.

Key Takeaways

So these were some ways workspace can affect your productivity. Selecting a workspace can be a crucial decision that comes with a long-term promise. Luckily, it is not as tedious as you may think.

If you want to opt-out to coworking space, give us a call and let’s select the best workstation for you – private cubicle or hot desk or corporate – your call!

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