Business Operations in Dehradun

Top Reasons Why You Should Set up Business Operations in Dehradun

“New India is a better investment option and Destination Uttarakhand is a shining chapter of this growth history. In spite of mountainous challenges, Uttarakhand today is youthful, full of aspirations on its way to success.”— Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi

The economy is flourishing in terms of trade and education. Before we look for some reasons to conduct business here, let us shed some light on the facts and figures that give Uttarakhand a competitive edge:

  • The per capita income of the state stood at approximately ₹ 1,77,356 in the year 2017-18 while the nation’s stood at ₹ 1,11,782.
  • The ease of doing business initiatives attracts aspiring businesses to invest in Uttarakhand.
  • Prominent business like HCL Infosystem, Wipro Infotech, HP, etc. have introduced the state-of-art operating have developed a sound ecosystem in the state.
  • It is known for good law and order. The state with one of the lowest manpower lost due to industrial strife in India.
  • The state is known as the education hub and homes some finest institutes and holds high literacy rates.

Let us now look at some other benefits that the state offers. These benefits make the state an ideal destination for investments.

1. Ease of Doing Business in Dehradun

Here are some reasons that make us firm about investing in Dehradun:

This powerful initiative is helping businesses flourish. This initiative has implemented a web-based Single Window System. This enables the investors to avail the required state government approvals to establish and begin their business operations through a single platform. It reduces the cumbersome activities as this does not include any physical touchpoints with the licensing/approving authority. This initiative’s focus sectors include wellness and AYUSH, film shooting, pharmaceuticals and IT, amongst others.

2. High Literacy Rate

Dehradun also called the school capital of India, is home to some of the most prestigious institutes. To be precise, some of the institutes here are:

  1. The Doon School
  2. IIT Roorkee
  3. Graphic Era University
  4. GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar

Talking about literacy rates, Census 2011 estimates the literacy rate at 78.8%. Furthermore, the HRD 2017 Survey in Uttarakhand pegs the literacy rate at 87.4%. This literacy rate is even higher than the national. Additionally, this ensures that you get the best manpower — higha ly skilled workforce for your business in Dehradun. You can recruit with the minimum effort and cost of training. Moreover, the average salary offered in Dehradun is one-third of that offered in Delhi or Gurugram. Additionally, the attrition rate here is low which makes it a good point for high-value relation with the employees.

3. Infrastructure

Dehradun homes some renowned IT parks and special economic zones to facilitate ease of doing business. Apart from this, the real estate prices in Dehradun are low, as compared to the metropolitan cities which make for a smart investment option. Here is a brief comparison of Dehradun’s real estate prices with that of metro cities that make it a great choice. 4 This helps to cut down the operational cost:


Dehradun ₹ 11,742.08 / sqft

Delhi ₹ 1,13,441.21 / sqft

Bangalore ₹ 74,268.92 / sqft

Pune ₹ 1,38,18.92 / sqft

Let us look at some prominent IT parks in Dehradun:

State Infrastructure & Industrial Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited (SIIDCUL)- The state-of-art, technology park is spread across 60 acres at the state capital — Dehradun. Here some of the key features the IT park offers:

  1. Developed plots of multiple sizes
  2. Medical centers with gym and health club
  3. Large spaces dedicated to open spaces and green areas
  4. Indoor and outdoor sports zone
  5. Library and information bureau
  6. Academic zones

4. Fiscal Incentives

Uttarakhand offers lucrative policies and incentives that invite and encourage businesses to invest in the state. After the recent Destination Uttarakhand: Investor’s Summit held in 2018, multiple opportunities are introduced for 16 sectors including IT and startups.

Let us have a look at some of them:

Startup Incentives:

  • SGST (State goods & service taxes) submitted by the startups will be reimbursed by Uttarakhand.) 
  • Need Based Assistance: A maximum of INR 5 lakhs for the raw materials/components and other related equipment for the enhancement of existing products or the development of a new one.
  • Running expenses: INR 2 lakhs, per year, for 3 years, as a part of operating and management expenses.

5. Location and Connectivity

The state is close to the NCR area and holds excellent connectivity with its neighboring states. Moreover, Dehradun has an efficient transport system that contributes to seamless connectivity with major cities in the country. This also makes communication, coordination and employee monitoring effective. Furthermore, being in the mountainous region, the state is known for a very unique ecosystem.

On the northern side, it is adorned with the great Himalayan range, covered with snow and glacier. Further, two Indian subcontinent major rivers — Ganga and the Yamuna also originate from the glaciers of Uttarakhand. This makes the state free of pollution and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

6. Safest City

According to a recent survey “My City, My Pride”, an initiative by Dainik Jagran, the city scores 3.31 out of 5 stars under the Safety Parameter.


The survey stands tall on 5 strong pillars — Education, healthcare, infrastructure, safety, and economy.

The survey further ensures that it measures the development of the economy, and gauges the liveability through active participation by the citizens. What could be better than conducting your business amidst the spectacular city, that nestles in the foothills of Himalayas?

Wrapping It Up

So these were some reasons why Dehradun proves to be an ideal location for carrying out your business. From the ease of doing business to healthy state situations to fiscal incentives, it attracts investors from all over the country.

Nov 20, 2022