Co-working FAQs Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Coworking Space?

Coworking is a shared space that brings professionals from all walks of life, under one roof. It is a space that facilitates and aids your professional well-being with an apt environment, amenities, and community values.

Usual occupants of these spaces are location-independent professionals such as freelancers and entrepreneurs. But wait, it is not limited to these two categories. Nowadays, big enterprises and SMEs are also adopting coworking spaces – to accommodate their teams and thrive collectively.

Q2. How is Coworking Different from Traditional Office Space?

Coworking spaces are packed with variety in workstations, have dedicated break-out spaces (that lets you sneak out and get some fresh air), and broadens your horizon through networking, unlike traditional office spaces.

People working out of coworking spaces are more creative, get more done in a day and are way more motivated. This shift is quickly gaining pace as founders are more invested in their people and are aware of how workspaces have an impact on their productivity, than ever before. Because let’s admit – who does not like to work out of aesthetically pleasing workspaces? (more so when they facilitate flexible pricing options!)

Apart from this, startups and big companies look at coworking as a lucrative option as it promotes a healthy work culture, leading to employee retention and attracting fresh talent. Talking of startups, we all are pretty aware of how initial years are so critical for them. Some coworking spaces, including Pannal have incubator services as well.

Q3. How is Coworking Space different from Incubators?

Although closely linked, these two terms – coworking and incubators – are entirely different concepts. While coworking is a space that everyone, from individuals to corporates occupies, incubators, on the other hand, help early-stage startups with operational support.

This includes an introduction to an extensive mentor network, hands-on training, resources and more. Here are some of the key aspects that are covered by startup incubators:

  1. Strategic business advisory
  2. Entity formation
  3. Regulatory and compliance
  4. Direct and indirect taxes
  5. Compliance and outsourcing
  6. Assurance and accounting advisory

These are some of the aspects startups are assisted by the incubators. Now let’s come back to coworking spaces and see some of the amenities that members fancy.

Q4. What are Common Amenities you can find at Co-working Spaces like Pannal?

Most co-working spaces have everything required for a well-functioning business, like internet, refreshments, cafeteria, breakout spaces, meeting rooms, etc. At We take care of everything that is crucial for you to be more focused on accelerating the growth of your brainchild while we handle the back-end work.

Pannal members get access to basic office supplies and stationery that fuels their daily chores. Apart from this, hygiene and appropriate work environment is another factor we are concerned about. This includes housekeeping and building maintenance services, bundled with other administrative costs. Pannal also has an in-house IT team and back-office support that comes with shared office spaces. Now, if you are wondering how is shared office space different from coworking, make sure to read on.

Q5. Why should one opt for coworking over the home?

Most startup owners lay the foundation of their business by working from home. And while there is nothing wrong with that, they soon discover their productivity drooping, hampering the efficient outcome, as their business picks up speed.

This usually happens due to unavoidable distractions that come from working out of your home. The ambience at coworking spaces eliminate non-professional distractions, making you think more clearly and creatively, and focus more time on things that matter.

That is one of the key reason why there are 35,000 estimated flexible workspaces spread across the globe and is known as the “new normal”.

Another major reason solopreneurs admire coworking spaces is that it gives them the belongingness of a community when working from home becomes isolating. Top it with the opportunity that lets you collaborate with co-workers and expand your business relatively.

Furthermore, they do not even burn a hole in your pocket, instead, flexibility in pricing structure fits right for each business – irrespective of team size and budget.

Q6. What is the timing at Pannal?

Many multi-nationals have multiple office locations around the world, due to which work timings for some can be a bit odd. At Pannal we understand the neccassity of round the clock office availability. Therefore to accomodate this time zone discrepancy between company stake-holders located at different time zones, Pannal’s Chrysler Tech Centre is available to its members 24/7.

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