Coworking office space at Chattarpur

Pannal, Delhi is a beautifully designed and vibrant workspace.
The centre is located on the main Chattarpur road in South Delhi, with all the amenities you need to focus on your work. It is easily accessible by Metro/ Public Transport, has the post office, banks and lots of Cafes in close proximity.

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Speedy Wi-fi

Speedy Wi-fi

Power Backup

Power Backup

Breakout Spaces and Lounges

Breakout Spaces and Lounges

Tea and Coffee from the Pantry

Tea and Coffee from the Pantry

Front Desk/ Virtual Office Services

Front Desk/ Virtual Office Services

Maintenance of your Workspace

Maintenance of your Workspace

Flexible Workspaces

We offer a range of membership options so you can work the way you want. Whether you want to opt for a hot desk a few times a
month, or you need a private team office, or a manager cabin, we’ve got the right space to suit your needs.

Coworking Dedicated Desking or Fixed Desk at Chattarpur, Delhi

Hot Desks / Dedicated Desks

Private Office Suites at Chattarpur, Delhi

Private Office Suites

Manager Cabins at Chattarpur, Delhi

Manager Cabins

Meeting Rooms at Chattarpur, Delhi

Meeting Rooms



Floor, Building No. 2, First, 619/2-7, Chattarpur Mandir Road, opposite Tivoli Gardens, New Delhi, Delhi 110074

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Coworking space is a coming-of-age approach that integrates the elements of both traditional offices and Flexibility . Professionals now demand a well-equipped office with modern infrastructure; a place where they can basically go in the ‘work-mode’ and be productive. On the other hand, they want a workplace that grants them more autonomy and flexibility. Coworking spaces give you a decent physical territory to work, allowing you to use their equipment and services by paying just a nominal rent. In most places, you just pay for what you use. Iksana workspaces provides its patrons with dedicated offices, flexi-desks, manager cabins, event spaces and even large office spaces.

Speaking from the perspective of a co-worker, shared office space is ideal for all sorts of people. If you are an employee working with an MNC or a Ph.D. scholar working on research, whether you are an introspective person or an outspoken leader, coworking space is the habitat for you to thrive in. Post the pandemic era it has become a preference for both large corporates and individuals to invest their time in building up their core business and leaving the back office challenges to their coworking facilities like IKSANA workspaces.

Many firms that offer coworking solutions provide traveller’s packages. It means they have branches in many cities, and it allows its members to access from multiple locations. It is a better alternative than a virtual office for people who whizz from one place to another. The best part is, it complements the experience of traveling and makes it more enriching because it connects you to diverse people. Dehradun is an upcoming city located centrally to all major IT cities, IKSANA workspaces provides flexible day passes, weekly coworking spaces, and personalise short term plans to all patrons who are on the move and yet deserve the comfort of a workplace at meets all business needs.

The rewards of choosing flexible office spaces are countless; both from the employer’s and employee’s end. It is worthwhile from all angles, flexible seating layout, fully furnished setup, IT support, housekeeping staff, admin staff, maintenance staff, access to breakout areas and meeting rooms. Apart from these tangible benefits, coworking refines your soft skills, develops your overall personality and burgeons your professional contacts. IKSANA workspaces provides the most conductive work environments at its locations across Dehradun and Delhi.

A Coworking office can be described as a Hybridized version of traditional or conventional offices, minus its flaws. Flexibility, fun & agile, and exuberance are some of the features one can expect here. However, it does not mean that you are rendered without a meeting room, conference hall or clean washrooms, because coworking spaces provide all of these with extra emphasis to safeguarding your need for privacy and peaceful solitude. Our coworking spaces at Dehradun and Delhi provide solution where our clients enjoy all the hospitality and flexibility yet have dedicated meeting rooms, large floor areas and amenities similar to other office rentals options in Dehradun and Delhi.

Coworking is snowballing, thanks to all the health-conscious folks with an athletic spirit. The zenith of isolation has come with colossal baggage of mental and physical maladies. With the raging depression pandemic, the importance of socialization has reigned. Obesity, depression, suicidal tendencies, disturbed circadian rhythms and insomnia are all the drawbacks that could come with Work from home. When one co-works, their professional and personal life strikes a symphony. IKSANA workspaces creates a communal retreat with its dynamic office space across Dehradun and Delhi.

IKSANA coworking spaces in Dehradun and Delhi provide amenities like high-speed internet and unlimited tea or coffee. Besides, it provides basic office requirements like photocopier machines, printers, paper binders, IP telephony, UPS backup, free space, storage, and presentation equipment. Apart from these, receptionist, call forwarding, and virtual offices are all incorporated for an enriched experience.

If you are confused about whether coworking and our office spaces are ideal for you and its services meet your expectations, you don’t have to worry. Our coworking and office solutions offer a trial period of at least 1 day. If you are unsure of the space, you should try the office space before you rent it.

IKSANA Workspaces provides office space and Co working spaces in Dehradun, Delhi and in more metros to inaugurate coming soon. The location of these offices is chosen to make it easy to commute from any part of the city. The best part of being our client is that you can visit our locations 24/7. It is open for night shift employees or even early risers. We also offer the flexibility of timings to our members.

Driven by a common motive of progress and triumph, IKSANA workspaces brings a vibrant and diverse community under one roof while exploring business synergies. Apart from coworking IKSANA workspaces also aims to provide dedicated office spaces in Dehradun and Delhi for large corporates also. We aim to refine our client’s brand image and customize our packages for their assorted needs. We ensure our members with world-class services and access to plenty of offers and member benefits.All things considered, coworking and managed offices are upcoming solutions for all kinds of flak that comes from both the employer’s and the employee’s side. To boost productivity and burgeon the profits of your business venture, visit IKSANA WORKSPACES.

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